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ON-Q Painbuster: Redefining Recovery

Revolutionizing Knee and Shoulder Surgery with ON-Q Painbuster

Philip A. Davidson, M.D, recognized innovator in fields of cartilage restoration, knee and shoulder surgery, is transforming complex surgeries, once relegated to the hospital setting, by doing these procedures on an outpatient basis. By including the ON-Q Painbuster in his postoperative protocol to treat surgical pain, it is often possible for Dr. Phil Davidson to treat healthy patients needing reconstructive surgeries as an outpatient. The advantage of outpatient surgery involves more comfort and convenience for the patient, while avoiding the potential difficulties, to include exposure to dangerous hospital based infectious pathogens. Says Utah orthopedic surgeon Dr. Phil Davidson: "Outpatient surgery typically involves healthy people, and doing these procedures outside of the hospital, in an ambulatory surgery center, potentially avoids exposure to chronically ill and contagious patients encountered in a hospital setting."

With ON-Q, which is labeled significantly better than narcotics at post surgical pain relief, patients undergoing knee and shoulder surgery remain more comfortable postoperatively, thereby entering rehabilitation and recovery quicker, and getting back to their normal lives faster. This is ideal for the types of patients Dr. Phil Davidson treats, young, healthy and active people, who cannot or do not want to afford a delay in their rehabilitation and do not want to prolong their recoveries.

Dr. Phil Davidson talks about ON-Q Painbuster, "I believe that getting my patients home to recover in the privacy, comfort and convenience of their own surroundings is critical to facilitate their return to regular activities. With the ON-Q Painbuster I am able to perform even complex reconstructive surgeries on the shoulder and knee in an outpatient setting and diminish the patient's need for narcotic medications. Narcotic medications can, in many instances, lead to nausea, dizziness and constipation. By using the ON-Q Painbuster, I believe the patient's immediate postoperative course is improved."

Worried about Pain and Recovery Time after Surgery?

If you are having surgery you probably already know the recovery process could be long and painful. But it doesn't have to be. Today, your options for relieving post-operative pain have dramatically improved, because using ON-Q PainBuster will allow for a faster, more comfortable recovery without narcotic side effects, such as breathing difficulties, nausea, constipation and that "knocked out" feeling.

What is ON-Q PainBuster?

ON-Q is a small high-tech balloon that holds local anesthetic (a pain-numbing medication) and delivers it through a tiny specially-designed tube directly into the surgical incision site. The medication is delivered continuously and slowly for up to five days after surgery.

Similar to your dentist injecting novocaine into your mouth to create a numbing effect, ON-Q soaks the surgical site to create a numbing effect. Because ON-Q directs the medication only into the area where you have pain, the rest of your body stays in your normal, comfortable state.

The result? Your pain is relieved and you avoid the nausea, breathing problems, drowsiness, grogginess, constipation or sleepiness - all of which are side effects of narcotic painkillers.


How Does it Work?

  1. ON-Q is put in place by Dr. Davidson during the operation.
  2. The small balloon is connected to a tiny specially-designed tube that the surgeon places near the surgery site.
  3. ON-Q begins soaking the site with pain-numbing medication immediately after surgery and works continuously for up to five days.
  4. The ON-Q system can be worn discreetly and may accompany you home.
  5. ON-Q works automatically.
  6. ON-Q keeps the incision site numb, thus reducing pain.
  7. The doctor, nurse or you easily removes the pump and tube when all of the medicine has been delivered.
  8. You can get back to normal activities and body functions faster than with pain-relieving narcotics.



Phil Davidson M.D. Cartilage Restoration and Joint Resurfacing Specialist

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